Questions to Convince Hesitant Gamblers

Questions to Convince Hesitant Gamblers

Most people like a flutter; many just used to gamble on the Grand National with a small sum on a name that looked appealing. The growth of lotteries, initially local for the benefit of the region or a club within the region, resulted in more people getting into the habit of a little gamble. The motives varied from wanting to support a worthy cause to the dream of a big win. Once governments realised the potential, much larger lotteries were launched, ones that have seen people dreaming of huge prizes and a whole new life.

If you have yet to buy a ticket, it may be because you have a few questions. There are online companies that make it so easy to be part of a lottery. You cannot win it if you aren’t in it; wherever you are in the world, the online facility lets you be “in it.”

Euromillions tickets for example can be bought using one of the many online services available which operate within the provisions of the Lotteries Act, which was passed in 1993. There have always been tight regulations when it comes to gambling, and the lottery legislation covers everything from fruit machines to casinos as well as lottery tickets themselves.

If I win, how am I paid?

If you buy online, you will be immediately told if you have won. Depending on how interested you are, you may check things every week anyway, of course. The winnings will go into your online account, from which you can transfer them into your bank account as and when you want to do so.

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Are winnings taxable?

Any tax liability will be dependent upon the laws of your country of residence. In the UK, the good news is that winnings are not taxable. Some countries will require that the tax is deducted at source, and others require them to be declared on a tax return.

What currency can I play in?

You can be play in the currency of your choice, sterling, euros, or US dollars, and you can select that currency before you begin. There may be a slight variation in what is charged to your credit card, because the master currency is euros and the conversion rates can change slightly.

You will have your own account when you buy online and will be able to see your purchases at any time.

What are the odds?

The odds vary depending on the game you play. Typically, they are 1 in 24. You can see the odds in each case with the details of each game. Prize structures vary from game to game, but obviously, in order to create those major dream prizes, there have to be losers.

Anyone who buys a ticket is automatically included in the Millionaire Raffle. There are two UK millionaires created every week. It could be you!

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The beauty of the many reputable online lottery retailers available these days, is that they cover many of the most common queries and concerns on a help page such as the following:

So choose a safe and secure retailer and let your mind rest while you wait for possible life changing amounts of money to come into your life!